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In the silence of loneliness

Holy God, where impurity hides in me, purify and cleanse me.

Where fears lurk to hold me back from trusting in you, make faith to overcome.

When temptation appears at my weakest moment, put your Word in my mouth.

At times of sadness, when the heart breaks, cheer my soul in your goodness.

Touch me with your presence in the silence of loneliness.

When satisfaction in life is missing, fill my heart with your Spirit.

At every sign of vanity and uselessness of this earthly life, put the hope of eternity before me.

Let Jesus be to me my all.

Permit that we may know your majesty

god-sovereign-rulerYou, O sovereign God, rule over all, over every people and nation, over every man and woman, over all the universe which depends upon your sustenance in every moment in time.

Let us see your greatness, permit that we may know your majesty, though we ask not for any miraculous sign or stupendous wonder. We would know, O Lord, the Name that is beyond our grasp to perceive. Continue reading