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Fluent in speaking to you

Heavenly Father, prayer is such a privilege! To come before your holy and magnificent presence is an honor that has no equal. Stretch my language abilities, that I might be fluent in speaking to you. Often I feel the limits of language. When I do, I thank the Spirit for carrying my inexpressible thoughts to your throne.

Bring me often to your glory, that I might spill out before you my hurts and heart-felt questions, offer my gratitude for hope and blessings, ask your help for strength and courage.

Make eternity turn upon my prayers, that it might rescue many who stand upon its brink. Give us our daily bread and our eternal sustenance.

Open our eyes to power in your word and work. Sweep us along in your will, for we desire to go in your direction, behind the cloud of your movement.


We have experienced your goodness

Thank you, heavenly Father, for another opportunity this year to focus on prayer. Impress upon our hearts yet again what a privilege it is to be able to have an audience with you at any time. Make this month special to us as we devote ourselves more intently on our prayers and on seeking your face.

We are grateful that when two or three agree in the kingdom and ask that your will be done, that you will do it.

Thank you for hearing us individually when we pray to you in private.

We have experienced your goodness, often shown to us in answered prayers. Let us never be bashful in seeking your blessing for ourselves and our neighbors.

Jesus is our example in prayer, so we praise you for the revelation of his life and relationship with you.

Help us to be more like him every day, in our prayers and in every way.

You’re not merely a polite listener

Lord, I bumped into an acquaintance in a store yesterday. She talks nonstop. I almost feel sorry for her, because of whatever need she feels that keeps her talking all the time. After a while patience runs out, and I have to run away from her.

But you’re not like that with those who come to you constantly with their needs. You’re not merely a polite listener looking to escape the torrent of words at the first opportunity. You hear and respond. You answer prayer. You are glad when we come to you.

Thank you for your open door, for always welcoming us in our prayers, for working in us and through us for good. There is no one else for us. We have nowhere else to go but you. You hold out the hope of eternal life and the peace the passes understanding. The world gropes in the dark for some meaning and finds only scraps and tatters. Blessed be the Lord who calls us to love and purpose and fulfillment!

My first and last

Let my first thought be of you, dear God, and my last; thoughts of how to please you, to seek you, to serve you, to glorify you.

Let my first step be toward your presence, and my last in the footsteps of Christ; steps of holiness, wisdom, and joy.

Let my first breath be to thank you for love and reconciliation, O Lord, and my last to ask for the entrance into the eternal kingdom.

Make this door wide enough

O God, make the door of this house wide enough to receive all who need human love and fellowship; narrow enough to shut out all envy, pride, and strife.

Make its threshold smooth enough to be no stumbling block to children nor to straying feet, but rugged and strong enough to turn back the tempter’s power. Continue reading

What a perfect pairing!

Your thoughts and plans, O Lord, are far above the human mind, for they are superior in quality, positive in nature, infallible in their outcome, and consistent as a whole. Let me think your thoughts! Make me a part of your plans! Impress upon me the words of your will in Scripture! Continue reading

When everything seems up in the air

Your will, heavenly Father, is good and holy and pleasant and brings great blessing to all who submit to it. What a joy to know and do your bidding!

Forgive my shortcomings, cleanse me from my failures, let my sins be washed by the blood of your Son and our Savior Jesus Christ.

Perfect me by your grace, make my obedience complete in Christ, strengthen every good resolve and make me able for every good work by your Spirit. Continue reading

The Hearing and Speaking of Our Communion

O God, I need you! Every hour and day, in every way!
Nothing, no one, can replace your presence in my life!
Keep schemes of Satan from crowding out the word of Spirit’s truth,
Or times of prayer — oh, needed season of prayer! — to praise and seek
Your blessed, holy face — encroaching thieves of precious time;
Lord, help me guard with care the hearing and speaking of our communion.
And let this conversation color every act and word,
That others may note that I have been with Jesus, my Lord and God!


May none of your flock go missing

Heavenly Father, in our security, let us not refuse to listen to you. In our insecurity, let us not seek solutions which solve nothing but only exacerbate our tenuous situation.

We would lead others to you as a shepherd guides his sheep to water and pasture. Make us faithful followers by whose example and teaching others may reach you and hear your call. Continue reading

Stiffen our spines against the Evil One

We want to be perfect from the start, but you, O Lord, work in us to make us perfect in the end.

We open our hearts that you may have free rein and that your Spirit may work at will. Continue reading

Each Time We Meet

Each time beloved brethren meet,
Help me, O Lord, fulfill a need:
To wash a brother’s or sister’s feet,
To give a cup of water or feed
A hungry soul, to cheerfully greet
The lonely or broken heart, to guide
The lost and erring, for whom Christ died. Continue reading

To Breathe Is Pain

The soul is barren, Lord, and all around is desert sand,
Relief is far away, no one to help or lend a hand,
To breathe is pain, to move or think requires tremendous force,
I have no power within, no means to seek another source.

Come save me, O Almighty! Reach me by your mighty arm!
Come quickly, many are they of Satan’s horde to do me harm!
Come rescue me — dying in the dark and bottomless pit!
Until redeemed, for love and life and work I’m most unfit.



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