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Fade all desire

Fade all desire for pleasure of sin —
Oh! Wash me clean, the heart within,
Dear God, come near, for I repent
Of shameful deeds, with deep lament. Continue reading

This life above all else

Praise to you, O Lord, for bringing eternal life to us in your Son Jesus Christ! Thank you for revealing it to us in him, and making it available to anyone willing to believe and obey.

We praise you for being the unchanging God who does not change at a whim your plan of salvation. We are grateful that we can know with certainty how to enter and remain in Christ, and for the power of the Spirit given to us in our new birth. Continue reading

Let change for good begin with me

Let change for good, O God, begin with me!
To me give words of power to save and build.
By your delight a different man I’d be:
May I with your desire to bless be filled. Continue reading

Come out from hiding

My life is hidden in Christ, O Lord, and for this protection and security I am grateful. But let me not hide my gifts from you; rather, help me put them into service for your kingdom. Neither let me hide the light of truth, but help me to shine it as brightly as possible in this world of darkness. Continue reading

In these do our knowledge of you consist

Lord, it sometimes seems a far thing from words on a page to an intimate, dynamic relationship with you. In our minds, we look for the physical touch, the visual cues. But, between humans, these often belie a lack of relationship behind them.

In the Bible, you speak from your heart to ours, marvelous truths of yourself and us to minds perfectly created as receptacles of these reverent thoughts. Continue reading

Into the harshest and most hostile environments

Lord, the world is offended by many things. In a politically correct world, many find multiple reasons to be offended. Slights are magnified. Any expression of differences of opinion becomes an unbearable insult. Criticisms are felt like a slap in the face, rather than an opportunity to learn. Continue reading

You Richly Give Us All Good Things

You richly give us all good things
for our enjoyment, but instead,
we set our hope on them, becoming
haughty, thinking we produced them.
We are rich in this world’s goods,
but keep our hope on you, and teach us,
then we’ll do lasting good to others,
be rich in works of blessed deeds,
generous givers, sharing with others.
We’d save up treasure for ourselves,
a firm foundation for the future,
and so take hold of truest life.
As Captain of our lives, O God,
make it so, and turn our thoughts
to eternal rewards, not earthly riches.
Let time and strength and wealth be given
to high pursuits and holy ways.
Show us how uncertain is wealth,
How sure your word and will and work.


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Dare to prove the greatness of God

Do we know the power of our supernatural weapon? Do we dare to use it with the authority of a faith that commands as well as asks? May God baptize us with holy audacity and divine confidence. He is not wanting great men and women, but He is wanting men and women who will dare to prove the greatness of their God.

We understand, of course, the reference to baptism here figuratively. The author may have other, unbiblical ideas here. But his main point is spot on.

Source: Simpson Devotional

All tasks and responsibilities under your rule

God of heaven and earth, you’ve given us a new day. Your mercies are renewed again and come to us afresh. We rejoice in your presence with us. Keep us aware that each step is taken under your eye. Continue reading

Who will comfort when faith is stalling?

When hearts are heavy, and tears are falling,
Where can we go, who’ll heed our calling?
When hopes are dimming, and faith grows weak,
When hands go slack, who can we seek —
Who will comfort when faith is stalling? Continue reading

Created with the powers of reason

We praise you, O God, that the truth is knowable and not some dark mystery incapable of being understood. We acknowledge our finiteness and limited capacity, and give you thanks that you have put the truth within our grasp. Continue reading

Perfect for the redeemed in all their weakness

Your church, O God, is perfect for redeemed people in all their weakness. Your wisdom is manifest through the creation of this family, its leadership by the Lord Jesus Christ, its power by the Holy Spirit, its guidance by the inspired Scripture, its mission continuing the salvation of souls, its edification tailored to our needs for growth, repentance, sanctification, and fellowship. Continue reading

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