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What Prayer for Simon Jesus Made!

The eve when Judas Iscariot betrayed,
What prayer for Simon Jesus made! —
Before the apostle Peter denied,
Before he left and bitterly cried.

Where now to go? What would he do?
Without the Lord, having been untrue?
His only chance he’d roundly missed,
Go fish! What’s left? — Give up, desist!

But when Simon sees the Lord ashore,
His hopes destroyed immediately soar.
Into the sea he dives — what dare!
Does he recall that earlier prayer?

O Jesus, also pray for me
That I might serve you faithfully,
That faith on trial might never fail;
O Savior, in my heart prevail!

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To pray as Jesus prayed

Father, let us live as Jesus lived, including his prayer life. He was consistent during his whole life, and finished as he began — in prayer:

  • at the table, giving thanks;
  • interceding for others, that their faith not fail;
  • placing his desires in the Father’s hand, but seeking above all his Father’s will;
  • praying for the forgiveness of others, in the midst of his own pain and suffering.

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