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We will not go back


Keep all idolatry far from us, true and living God, that we may serve you alone.

Let us not bow to pressure from anyone to compromise our faith in you.

Let us bear the consequences of our commitment with joy for suffering for the Name.

Be glorified in us.

Whether you save us now or at the end, let us refuse to worship any other god.

For we belong to you, and we will not go back.

Prayer: No thin and watery gruel, no meager truth


Riches are mine in Christ, from heaven they come,
So let me know the fullness of life in him,
No subject empty of God, no vacuous thought,
No act devoid of spiritual good and grace. Continue reading

A bubble of hope


Give us a new spirit, O God, willing to risk for you, with the joy of life in our hearts and grace always upon our lips.

Let complaint not mar our day. Continue reading

Let zeal enlarge our sight


Your people, rooted in eternity,
Beyond the physical, visible world can see;
By faith we measure walls and streets and gates,
A heavenly gift to lighten earthly weights. Continue reading

Harvest of souls

Heavenly Father, like Simon who put his boat at Jesus’ disposal to teach those upon the shore, I put both me and mine in your hands, for the use of the kingdom.

And like the miraculous net of fish which our Lord gave in return for that surrender, bring to your people today a harvest of souls.

A prayer of gratitude and for wisdom: For the very gift of life


O LORD God, our dear Father in heaven, we give thanks on this new day for the very gift of life that ignites our otherwise lifeless mortal bodies. Continue reading

Around your table

Around your table, Lord, let no betrayal form
In mind or heart, but each in place be pure and warm
To do the will of God, to join his hands in peace,
Where Christ become our only love and we decrease. Continue reading

The most progress

If they had told me, I would never have believed the peace and satisfaction that comes from your presence, O Lord.

Let me welcome the struggles, O God, as evidence of my desire to be made over again in the image of Christ. Continue reading


The planet groans from pains of the Fall,
And we, O Lord, your people, too,
Oppressed in flesh, on us the pall
Of anguished death — naught can we do. Continue reading

Reverence in prayer

Ben G. asks us,”Do you remember this when praying?

A while ago, I heard a young person start of his prayer with, “Hey God! What’s up?!” When I heard that I just about fell over. I know prayer should be a deeply personal thing. But when we start talking to God like an equal, or like He is our ‘best bud’ at school or work, then maybe we need to reassess our mindset. Perhaps we need to have the attitude of the publican who wouldn’t even lift his eyes up to heaven because he was so aware of his sin (Luke 18:9-14).


Death you know, destruction, too

Inspired by Proverbs 15.11

Death you know, destruction, too,
No place beyond control or ken;
The heart’s an open book to you,
You know us all, without, within. Continue reading

Thy boon of blessing

Thy boon of blessing: money, body,
The tongue and power, these now a parody;
For mundane use has mankind made
These heavenly gifts and holy healings. Continue reading


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