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Lord, I want

Father, I want to be righteous, doing what is correct and right, in order to please you in all things and be holy as you are holy, so give me the righteousness of Christ in the sanctification of the Spirit. Continue reading

To touch a soul today

Give me the grace to touch a soul today,
A single soul, or if by mercy’s kind embrace,
Might I save two? One to take my place,
Another to extend the Kingdom’s sway.

With darkened thoughts and lonely sighs

Ah, Lord, the heart is weighed
With darkened thoughts and lonely sighs;
None care to listen, none have paid
The price, none seek the heavenly prize.

Can seven thousand faithful hide
Among a wayward church? Have they
No objecting voice? Have they not cried
Against the obscene who dance and play? Continue reading

Prayer for the victims of the Boston marathon, and ourselves

God who controls heaven and earth,
Again, the bombs of terrorism have exploded,
Again, lives have been lost and hundreds injured,
The pleasure of competition turned into a field of war.

Save those who have been injured, O Lord,
Let your people offer hope,
May those who see no sense in this slaughter,
Understand that peace is far from the earth. Continue reading

O God, let justice be done speedily

O God, let justice be done, and that right speedily, if not here on earth, then in heaven. Let men judge with just judgment, and let those in power acknowledge that your laws are righteous and good. However good may be a human legal system, we know that full justice will come at the End. For that day we plead.

Keep me living on the edge, my Father

O Lord, the evli one would lull me into a sense of false security, to rush and overwhelm me suddenly, to take me unawares. Keep me living on the edge, my Father, ever on guard, never asleep, so I can be holy, as you are holy.

Your prayers and requests for Apr. 16

Add your prayers, requests and thanksgivings below in the comment box, and we’ll remember them before the Father.


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