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Among the Olive Trees

Take from me, O Lord, my every burden.
To you, O God, I give this day’s battle.
Let this small struggle never return to me.
To you I release it, surrendered now and forever.

Give plentiful help to meet my needs this hour:
Your hand to raise me up, your sacrifice
To pull me out of self and into grace,
Your love to stir rejoicing that shatters silence.

Your Spirit’s gift of presence, give me fully,
That I might have to freely give to others;
Among the olive trees my Lord was never alone.
And I, with him, alone will never be.

O Lord of Thrones

God of many names and One,
I-AM who is, besides you none,
Above, below, within, without,
A small, still voice, creation’s shout;
O Lord of thrones, upon us look,
Restore to us what Satan took;
Your gracious face to earth incline,
Around this table’s bread and wine;
Of what does life consist?
To have you in our midst.


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