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Visions of heaven and peace in our country

Our Father in Heaven, let the words of Scripture leap from the page into the deepest recesses of my heart, with your power recreating life and rearranging priorities, purifying motivations and replacing worldly thoughts with visions of heaven and your divine love.

At the same time, we pray for peace in our country. May violence be contained. May the economy permit productive activity and lives of prosperity. May justice prevail within society. May corruption be rooted out. May local and national leaders rise who are honest and who sincerely work for the security and peace of its citizens.

Make us promoters of peace and proclaimers of eternal hope.

The true use of wealth

Let our prosperity not separate us from you,
nor make us feel independent,
or in control of our lives,
but let us remember instead, O Lord,
to give you thanks for all good things,
to enjoy the bounty from your hand,
and to share with the needy,
and make wealth have its true use
for the gospel of Christ.

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