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Walk among us, be our God

Lord God, reign over me, control my heart, guide my steps, protect me from evil, be to me all my good.

Walk among us, be our God and make us your perfect people.

You are no man, you do not lie, nor change your mind. You bless and command us to bless as well. No curse can damage whom you have blessed. You have set us apart for your purpose. Help us to live and fulfill your designs for us.

Let us hear the model you have made for living in Christ and by hearing be ashamed of our sins. Let your pattern draw us to yourself.

Who can survive unless you have willed it? We seek obedience, Lord, we seek to please you, our desire is to do your bidding as our Sovereign.

With trembling hearts of love; a better sense of our noble purpose

noble-purposeDear God of all glory, our heavenly Father: we approach your divine righteous and good nature with trembling hearts of love and admiration for your prevailing mercy and kindness toward us—those made in your image.

Give us a better sense of our noble purpose here on this earth as we contemplate the perfect life of Jesus our Lord and Christ.

Help us to live every day with positive expectancy as we allow your loving nature to radiate outward toward our spiritual family, friends and neighbors.

We fervently pray in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

David Binkley, Sr., Cedar Key, FL

You, Lord, don’t want me to walk in circles, like Israel in the desert, until I drop

Sovereign God, Israel wandered in the desert for 40 years to die there. This was your judgment on them for disobedience. But you don’t want me to walk in circles until I drop. Give me focus, the objective of glorifying you by actions and words. Let my goals be clear, my specific tasks well defined, my activity that of Jesus: to bring others to you. Because he is Lord! Amen.