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Calloused Hands

Jesus the man, of calloused hands,
Of muscled arms, of work and wood;
The God of sweat and tears and blood,
At the Father’s side, you sit and rein:

Now in heaven, in power and might,
Break open our hard and painful shell
Of sin and self-reliant hell —
Put all our lonely fears to flight.

Pierce the silence — heal the pain —
O Christ who knows sharp solitude,
Whose prayers showed every human mood —
Lord save me from the curse of Cain.

You felt no lack, in perfect want;
With him who sent you, thought as one —
Surrendered glory — God’s will was done —
Raise me to your transfigured Mount.

A sense of abundance and fullness

True and living God,

  • Your works go before you and proclaim your glory. In Christ we see your love and goodness, the justice brought to man. You are worthy of praise.
  • We love you, and desire that you dwell in our hearts. Come to us, for we have come to the Rock that shelters us above all tempests.
  • Forgive us of the sin of anxiousness, O Lord, that inner turmoil over our many responsibilities or dread concerning current events.
  • Give us, Father, a sense of abundance and fullness, that come from the bounty of your goodness.
  • We are thankful for technology that permits us to do more, be more efficient in our work, have greater contact with loved ones and friends, share the gospel with the lost.
  • Father, bless the work of the Good News in Argentina. May the brethren there be strong in faith. Send more workers into that field.
  • Uphold the work of Colin and Lisa Graham in Bangor, North Ireland, and give them fruit from their labors.
  • Bless parents as they rear their children in the fear of your Name, transmit to them the joy of serving Christ, and instill in them love in its purest form.
  • Thank you, Lord, for reconciliation, to give us peace with you and in ourselves, for peacemaking as our objective.
  • Thank you for the recorded history, in Scripture, of your work to save mankind, for your patience with the stubbornness of Israel and with the recalcitrance of the church.

What a wonderful God you are to love and save us!

Grateful to be called

What a blessing to be in your presence, heavenly Father! What security and peace we feel to walk before you.

Even to the unjust you show yourself benevolent. How much more do you care for and show concern for your righteous people!

Many people are concerned with freedom and privacy today. And even though they are legitimate concerns in the nations, we are grateful to be free in the way that really matters.

Many today run after possessions. We give thanks that we have what can never be taken away from us.

Many today seek pleasures. We are thankful for the profound joy of following Christ and having our separating sins removed.

Many today seek a better place to live, even moving to other countries in search of improved conditions. We praise you that we have been transferred from dark and evil powers into the kingdom of the Son whom you love.

Many want to change jobs. We are profoundly grateful to be called to the greatest work of all, that of explaining to those who are far away what you have done in Christ to reconcile us to yourself.

Envoys of reconciliation

Our Father in heaven, thank you for the blessings of this day. You renew your goodness over us constantly.

Bless our loved ones far away from us, and draw them near to you.

Make us sensitive to wrongs in the world, especially to the greatest of these: rebellion against your will, ignorance of your Word.

We put ourselves in your hands to be instruments of peace, envoys of reconciliation to an estranged world.

Let Satan not hinder us, nor distractions keep us from our main task.

Blessed be your name in all the earth, as the heavens praise your glory. Amen.