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From Me No Argument

From me no argument, Lord — I accept
your will — come what may — events
delightful or traumatic. Be done
in me and in the world your way.

Omniscient God, I confess —
my ignorance, my lack of vision,
my limited view, and yes my blindness.
You know, you see, you cause to be.

Submission belongs to me — you love,
you care — you desire, in so many words,
communion, fellowship, connection —
For this, O Lord, come down to save!

The Hearing and Speaking of Our Communion

O God, I need you! Every hour and day, in every way!
Nothing, no one, can replace your presence in my life!
Keep schemes of Satan from crowding out the word of Spirit’s truth,
Or times of prayer — oh, needed season of prayer! — to praise and seek
Your blessed, holy face — encroaching thieves of precious time;
Lord, help me guard with care the hearing and speaking of our communion.
And let this conversation color every act and word,
That others may note that I have been with Jesus, my Lord and God!


All of who we are

What can we say, O God, that you do not already know? What thoughts or feelings can we put into words that you did not already discern within us?

Yet this process of prayer is for our mutual satisfaction, and for the realization of your will, and for the completion of your purpose, yes, for the development of our love together. Continue reading