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Renew, restore, revive, rekindle

Heavenly Father,

Renew in me the zeal of early days;

Restore to me the joy of your salvation;

Revive me by the Spirit’s power;

Rekindle desire to share the gospel with others.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

To the Top I Thought

To the top I thought I’d claw
My way back to resume my place,
Only to find that you, O Lord, had lifted me
On wings of eagles, quickly, lightly,
And set me upon a wide space,
Giving me a 360-degree view,
The sun shining warm upon my face,
The spring-time breeze after winter’s thaw.

Like Pigs

Save us, Lord, from foolishness,
We need your wise and perfect will;
Restore our minds which—we confess—
Like pigs would seek a carnal swill.

Peel away the layers of years of man’s departures, Lord

Peel away the layers of years of man’s departures, Lord, to let me see your original intent for faith and service in your kingdom. In marriage Jesus spoke of the beginning, at creation. Paul went back to the beginning, when our Savior broke bread, to restore the proper way to eat the Lord’s supper. Thank you for revealing your pattern for the church. May we follow Jesus’ model faithfully.

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