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Show Your Power

Revelation 1

Father, in all affliction, show
your glorious presence, show your power
that shines like the sun at noon, with feet
of flowing bronze, moving quickly,
stars in hand, the mouth of judgment,
the First and Last, who died and arose,
who Was and Is and Ever will Be!

To me bring comfort, Vision of love,
O Flow of freedom, Blood of man;
bring courage to meet the arm of sin,
oppressor of soul; bring faith to win
in face of death, your name confess,
O Holder of keys to Hades’ prison —
open to me the gate of Heaven.

The truth of your working among men

O God who makes the mountains quake, overturn all my wrong conceptions of your character, and make me know the truth of your working among men.

Keep me from the lies of the evil one about your intentions.

Close my ears to the sour grapes of sinners.

Remove from my presence the dissatisfied complaints of the selfish.

Let me not be swayed by the charges of the impatient.

Protect me from the hardness of heart of the dissolute.

Help me hear your own witness to yourself, of your love and patience, your holiness and purpose, you who have only our best interest in mind, our salvation at heart.

The World Is Rightly Ordered

The world is rightly ordered, the heavens and earth
Are not a random system. Man, from birth
To death, is gladly given sequential seasons.
We know (but often ignore) your sovereign reasons.

We thank you, God, for structured existence,
For measured time and space and distance,
For worship in Spirit and truth, for piety
That shutters doubt, for faith with certainty. Continue reading