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O Lord, the Desert!

O Lord, the desert — lonely place
where man comes face to face with Satan,
where solitude hears selfish thoughts,
where suffering purges the soul of dross —

The desert was not my choice, O God!
Here was I driven — hunger to feel,
my need in spirit to know and conquer,
ambition for power and fame to surrender.

What dangers lurk in dark and light,
the desert where fate and harm befalls!
Amongst the beasts and stones and heights,
O Sovereign, teach me unfailing trust!

In this wild, untamed, unruly land,
where the strong survive, and perish the weak,
to you, O Master, I give control
and offer my heart to bend and mold.

Lord, I Would Be a Simple Soul

Lord, I would be a simple soul,
Make me see with a single eye.

I’d always speak an honest word,
Come fill me with the gospel truth.

I ask to be a saint of zeal,
Show me the living passion of Christ.

I seek to sanctify my heart,
Let me know your holiness.

I’d wield the Spirit’s powerful sword,
Give me wisdom in the Scriptures.

I want to please you in the Way,
Strengthen my feet to walk your path.

Lord, I would be a fisher of souls,
For I was taught and led to Christ.

Make me into the image of Christ

Heavenly Father, work in me to create a clean heart, pure thoughts, a sanctified life devoted to you.

Strengthen my will to make it conform to you, to help me choose always what is right and good, to be determined in the face of opposition.

Give me compassion toward my brothers and sisters in Christ. Broaden my love so that it includes all people. Let our doors be as wide as your arms to welcome others into the your house.

Make me into the image of Christ, with his truth at hand, his love always reaching out, his mission ever within the heart.