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God’s to-do list

O Lord, what must your to-do list look like?
What perfect alignment between task and purpose?
Let my every thought today be given to your glory.
May every task of mine reflect my life and purpose in Christ.
Put my sanctification on your to-do list.

Lord, I Would Be a Simple Soul

Lord, I would be a simple soul,
Make me see with a single eye.

I’d always speak an honest word,
Come fill me with the gospel truth.

I ask to be a saint of zeal,
Show me the living passion of Christ.

I seek to sanctify my heart,
Let me know your holiness.

I’d wield the Spirit’s powerful sword,
Give me wisdom in the Scriptures.

I want to please you in the Way,
Strengthen my feet to walk your path.

Lord, I would be a fisher of souls,
For I was taught and led to Christ.

Outside of Self

Outside of self, O God, please throw me —
Let Christ be all! — You fully know me —
Come with the Spirit to purify
And burn away both me and mine.

Glorify the Saints Abroad

Save them, Lord, from sin and shame,
Save them for your glorious name,
Save them from the devil’s snare,
Save them in Christ from hell’s despair.

Sanctify the brethren’s hands,
Sanctify their godly plans,
Sanctify and on them press
Your merciful love and holiness.

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Make me into the image of Christ

Heavenly Father, work in me to create a clean heart, pure thoughts, a sanctified life devoted to you.

Strengthen my will to make it conform to you, to help me choose always what is right and good, to be determined in the face of opposition.

Give me compassion toward my brothers and sisters in Christ. Broaden my love so that it includes all people. Let our doors be as wide as your arms to welcome others into the your house.

Make me into the image of Christ, with his truth at hand, his love always reaching out, his mission ever within the heart.

The movement of truth

Your truth from heaven must travel to me,
Borne by the Spirit, bound in the Bible,
Lived by our Lord in his mission of love,
Such glories sublime to gladden my heart. Continue reading

Fit me for this rarest air

Christian poetry and prayers

None is good, O God, but you,
None unfailing, none so true,
Only justice from your throne,
Blessed to know and to be known.

Life unending in your light,
Gone are pain and earthly fright,
Death is banished from the street,
In its midst the righteous meet. Continue reading

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