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Don’t Stand Aloof

In Jesus Christ, O God, you came from afar,
With all my being I seek you, with talon and tooth,
Don’t stand aloof from me — quickly come near!
Dear God, I’m nothing without your love and truth!
Let shine your light upon me strong and clear,
In passing years I seek you, as in my youth,
Be not to me a distant, twinkling star.

Today I Seek

Today I seek your blessing,
Your presence, your comfort,
Your protection to surround me,
Your courage to embolden me.
I seek your purpose to direct me, Continue reading

If man think ill

Teach me your ways, O Lord, that I
Might walk a holy man, and please
In every step, to satisfy
Your will, offering the kingdom’s keys
That  men to self might die;
I seek Your face — if man think ill,
So be it — Your Spirit on me spill.


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