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Work from curse to blessing

Lord, thank you for giving us work which provides for physical needs, gives us meaningful activity, and allows us to glorify you by our word and example.

  • Help us to see more than a job, but a place to shine our light.
  • Help us to give our best as we work not for man but for you.
  • Help us to see the person behind the coworker, the client, the supplier, the supervisor, the customer, and the staff.
  • Help us to show respect to all, to submit to authority, and to demonstrate professionalism and honesty in all our dealings.
  • Help us to be on time, to keep our word, and to be trustworthy.

Thank you, heavenly Father, for making the curse of the sweat of the brow into a channel of blessing of salvation in Christ.

When Least Expected

When least expected, the lion roars,
My strength fails in the straits of suffering;
Rescue me, O righteous God,
My weakness cries from wounds of service.

Daily Heft

Faithful, consistent, unfailing—this,
O Lord, is what you are and what
I want to be—never amiss
In duty, doing what I ought,
Loving, kind, committed—waste
Not, want not, nothing in the wind,
Feet firmly planted, no foolish haste,
Nor laggard, but with a focused mind
I’d serve, with never a selfish thought,
I’d daily heft my cross—with gladness,
Redemptive pain, approval sought
From you and only you—I’ll banish
Desire for shallow human praise—
Your truth my company’s colors to raise.

Help us to look ahead

Father, help us to look ahead, in order to prepare for future opportunities, to be ready for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us lay aside worries about tomorrow in order to take up the hope of your promises.

Let us forget ourselves, for our joy.

Let us focus on serving, for the blessing of others.

Let us follow the Lord Jesus, for your glory.

What I need today

Calm is what I need today, faithful Lord and God. Slow down my mind, speed my hands, bring peace and joy to me and to all those around me.

Let Jesus’ word dwell richly in me. May gratitude well up from the heart and spill over in kind words and loving actions.

Help me see my responsibilities to others, be it in the home, in the body of Christ, or in the world, as opportunities to serve.

Remind me always of the privilege I have to pray. Teach me to pray. I want to pray about those things that concern you most.

Use me to pass on the faith to others. Even though they might not remember my name, may they remember the Name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Why Do I Hesitate?

To serve a neighbor, let self be forsaken,
Give eyes to see, to needs awaken;
You sent your Son, your love abounds,
Your grace descends, your care surrounds;
Why do I then so hesitate,
God, move me — help me not be late.

Let Me Not Forget

Let me not overlook, O Lord,
Those little deeds that few will do:
The works that warm, the follow-through,
The loving ear, the heartening word —

The power, O God, of the promise kept,
In fair and foul, the present friend,
With tears to shed and time to spend! —
To serve, O Servant, let me not forget.

Ears tuned to other’s hurts

Dear God in heaven, make my life to be praise to you. Let others see me and think of your goodness.

Let me see in each moment an opportunity for good, a chance to grow and to share the gospel.

Remove from me every vestige of bitterness, resentment, envy, pride, and worldliness. Continue reading

Not our own worst enemy

O God, my Savior, my hope is in you all the day long. Sustain me this day, until the last rays of the sun, until every task is done, until the head lies upon the pillow and the mind gives up its last waking thought.

Keep me from giving any occasion for taking offense in anything as we seek to reconcile everyone to you, to receive your saving grace. Let no fault be found in our service, no reason for rejection within us, no impurity of heart, no lack of love, no willfulness or stubbornness, no aversion to suffering for the kingdom, no selfishness or impatience in the task at hand.

Let our efforts not be destroyed by the enemy. Keep him far from us. Preserve us and through us produce fruit that remains. Work in us so that we are not our own worst enemy.

Keep us from entanglements with the world, partnerships with unbelievers, or any sort of fellowship with the darkness. Let us not be tempted to use the tools of unrighteousness to accomplish spiritual and heavenly goals. Help us refrain from bending biblical principles, sacrificing the truth of the gospel, or accepting less than holy practices.

Remind us that we are working with you and under your guidance, by your truth and power, expressing your love and mercy. Your goals are ours, your desires our motivation, your mission our task, your time our urgency.

Psa 25; 2 Cor 6

Your goodness is my goad

Teach me, O God, what it means to be a true and living sacrifice to you. Let me see in Jesus that complete offering of life to your will. I want to follow his example. Help me to be willing to go wherever that decision of sacrifice leads.

Your tender mercies are my motivation. Your love and kindness lead me to this spiritual service. Your goodness is my goad. Let your grace always occupy the space of my spiritual vision. Continue reading

The choice to be glad

Heavenly Father, we thank you for time to be with family and to enjoy the good things of life. We ask you to bless those who have neither, those who are alone on this day, in prison, in hospital, in travels, in care homes, at service, or living alone. Bless them through us, that we might serve them in some way. Continue reading

Each Time We Meet

Each time beloved brethren meet,
Help me, O Lord, fulfill a need:
To wash a brother’s or sister’s feet,
To give a cup of water or feed
A hungry soul, to cheerfully greet
The lonely or broken heart, to guide
The lost and erring, for whom Christ died. Continue reading


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