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Your goodness is my goad

Teach me, O God, what it means to be a true and living sacrifice to you. Let me see in Jesus that complete offering of life to your will. I want to follow his example. Help me to be willing to go wherever that decision of sacrifice leads.

Your tender mercies are my motivation. Your love and kindness lead me to this spiritual service. Your goodness is my goad. Let your grace always occupy the space of my spiritual vision. Continue reading

Help us break through

People near us, emotionally and physically, are hurting, suffering in so many ways. Friends, neighbors, coworkers, relatives. They have relationship problems, health issues, financial difficulties, mental confusion. They are imprisoned in spiritual darkness.

Lord, the world lies in the power of the Evil One. Put us in their path, cause them to share with us, bring us opportunity to serve them and show them the Way. Continue reading

Water to the thirsty, food to the fugitives

Holy Father, we confess you as the one, true God, almighty in power, with knowledge of all things, unceasing in mercy, and righteous without exception.

Remove from us everything that pollutes and all that causes impurity. Wash us clean each day with the blood of your Son, as we walk in your light.

Keep us from bitterness of spirit when we see the rebellion and stubbornness of others, so that we ourselves may not be excluded from the kingdom. Continue reading