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Lord, I Would Be a Simple Soul

Lord, I would be a simple soul,
Make me see with a single eye.

I’d always speak an honest word,
Come fill me with the gospel truth.

I ask to be a saint of zeal,
Show me the living passion of Christ.

I seek to sanctify my heart,
Let me know your holiness.

I’d wield the Spirit’s powerful sword,
Give me wisdom in the Scriptures.

I want to please you in the Way,
Strengthen my feet to walk your path.

Lord, I would be a fisher of souls,
For I was taught and led to Christ.

Not an exercise

Our Father in Heaven, let prayer not be for us a mere exercise, but rather the expression of our intimacy with you.

Keep passions from overrunning our time in prayer and meditation upon your word.

Prevent Satan from getting us sidetracked. Continue reading

Your way is simple

Wise Father, your way is simple. We humans complicate our lives because we refuse to follow your way. We live for the moment. We let passions dominate us. We live for self. Then come the consequences. Continue reading

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