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The true weight of all things

God who means every word, let us take seriously your revelation as the restoration of our lives to you and as the way in which we should go. Let us not ignore the grave warnings. Help us live soberly in this world.

Make sober reflection a part of our spiritual makeup as we reject the stupid and useless levities of the world. Keep us from seeking out laughter and emotion that divertĀ us from the spiritual realities before us. Continue reading

‘Serious praying’ in 1 Peter 4.7

Mike Brooks shows special interest in two key words in 1 Peter 4.7. He then says,

Prayer is serious business. It is not to be engaged in lightly or carelessly. We are asking for the attention of the almighty ruler of the universe. That is not given negligently.

Be sure to read his whole article on Forthright Magazine: “Serious Praying.” The link also contains a prayer need, in the first two paragraphs.