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Leave None the Same

O Lord, our God, Defender and Shield,
Giver of growth and seed for the field,
Yours is the praise, the glory and power,
The weak and weary run to your tower.

Hear now, O God, our fervent prayer,
Confessing need, our hearts laid bare:
Come fill our souls, remove our shame,
Make firm our faith, leave none the same
While we for heavenā€™s home prepare;
In us, O Lord, glorify your Name.

Time as Friend

Lord, let us see our time on earth as our friend,
With every thought and action geared to the end,
To learn, prepare, and grow in full desire,
For your most glorious presence in pure attire.

Lord, let us know that life is made of hours,
And moments, being present, with mental powers
In focus on our eternal purpose ā€” earth
And heaven anew, with saints of spiritual birth.

Lord, let us find in Christ the only way
To you and all your hosts ā€” for this we pray
And work and wait, as age and wisdom grow ā€”
In hope, we think this passing time is slow.

The most progress

If they had told me, I would never have believed the peace and satisfaction that comes from your presence, O Lord.

Let me welcome the struggles, O God, as evidence of my desire to be made over again in the image of Christ. Continue reading

Serious in our spiritual assessments

Lord, just as we often get medical check-ups, with a battery of exams, a doctor’s evaluation, and treatment or medications afterwards to address problems that show up, let us be as serious in our spiritual assessments. Continue reading

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