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Grateful for improvements to life, increase the fear of you

God who cares for the smallest detail of creation, thank you for the many improvements to life that we enjoy in our world. How much prosperity so many of us enjoy! What a privilege to live in these days of convenience and increasing options.

We are grateful that poverty has decreased in the world, but we are aware that many still lack basic necessities of life. Continue reading

Prayer for devotional writers

Lord God who has given us your inspired Scripture, bless those writers among us who produce regular devotionals, so that they may be:

  1. Biblical. Let Scripture truly come to light as we read. Keep them from using verses or phrases out of context in order to make their own personal points.
  2. Pertinent. Let their words be relevant. Help them to reach people where they are, to deal with situations and questions they face.
  3. Meaty. It’s hard to be concise without being superficial. Help them to share truths that are significant and sustaining.

Thank you for the service they provide in developing our spirituality, in urging us to greater communion with you, and in leading us to serve and love others.

God of Heaven

God of heaven, when I feel down,
Remind me you, above, still reign,
I need no miracle, need no sign,
Only a thought of you again.

God of earth, when feet are tired,
When the aching back makes my eyes blurred,
When facing death, the heart is scared,
I’m heartened by what Jesus dared. Continue reading

For churches sharing in your mission

God who desires the salvation of all mankind, today I pray for those churches who share with us in your mission to the lost. Give them growth in number, spirituality, and mission. Continue reading

Flee and engage

Our Father in heaven, the noise of the world drowns out the voice of your Spirit. Let us flee first to be edified by your presence, in order to engage later our neighbors and share with them the gospel.

Save us from sin

Save us, God of power and grace,
From sin, injustice, greed, and graft,
From tolerance, lack of zeal, and pride,
From hardness of heart and loveless practice. Continue reading

May we to your Messiah fly

O God of peace who freely shares,
In fretful hearts come reign;
We leave before your throne our cares,
Our hurts, our fears, our pain. Continue reading

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