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The Years of Toil and Tears

Wind, rain, and sun upon the earth
Wear away its surface, leach the soil,
But in return they bring a blessing of life.
The years of toil and tears, the constant trials
Break down the body, bow the heavy shoulders,
But strengthen a spirit whose daily might is God.
O Lord, in you may we discover the power of love.

Make Straight Our Way

The world’s awash in sin and wildness,
In torrents of lies and tattlers’ tales;
To truth, O Lord, and trusting in right,
We cling for life, clearly seeing
Beyond this earth, only eyes
For the Lord of hosts, the living Christ;
Give strength, O God, make straight our way,
And bring us through to a broad place.

The coming day

Lord, give me strength to greet
The coming day in peace;
Keep firm my moving feet,
Make all good fruit increase.

Remind me of your will,
On your light I rely,
To none may I do ill,
But good to passersby.



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