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Show us the future of our hope

Lord, let my mind and soul rest in you, be refreshed in the Spirit, be renewed in the strength of Christ.

Father, reach for your children who are weak, who struggle with doubts, sin, or offenses, who lose sight of the way, who are overwhelmed by the power of the enemy, who feel alone in their faith.

God of spirits, make us holy and devout, infuse us with a sense of your presence, sweep away all resistance in our mind, show us the future of our hope.

Struggles with God

Father, let my struggles be with you, and never against you. At times, I may wrestle with an angel, as Jacob did, not knowing even the reason behind the contest, but let my desire always be for a blessing from you.

Let me not be the schemer as was the patriarch, but a submitter to your will, to find you and know your presence.