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My Failures

Success! See, Lord, how I succeed,
How I have reached the upper cloud!
For you no longer have I need,
My failed successes make me proud.

My failures! Lord, my failures! Show
How you transform them into power;
My shameful vision brings me low,
I need your hand to lift me higher.

Power and Focus

In perfect measure, at pondered time,
You move and act and make from naught
Creations of your earnest heart.

My wandering thoughts need One direction,
Give power from heaven, point of focus,
And lasting fruit for lavish praise.

Everything in your hands

Heavenly Father, today I place everything in your hands, in order that you might protect me, guide me, and give me success in doing your will and in pleasing you in every word and in each action I take.

Your promises are sure. I trust you to fulfill them, as you always have for your people. I believe, O Lord.

Keep me on track today. Help my plans to reflect your priority.

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