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Unerringly to You

Based upon an eighth-century prayer by Gelasian Sacramentary

Gracious God, whose gate of grace
And mercy always open stands
To those who seek your shining face,
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What gift is mine?

Show me the way, my God, my Guide,
How may I serve your purpose best?
Let not my asking be denied,
But turn your ear to my request.

What gift is mine, what open door?
What bodied member am I cast?
What words are mine with praise to soar,
What deeds to pierce the heavens at last?


When we grow faint and frail

When we grow faint and frail,
Let not our tempers flare,
Let not our tongue come untied,
Let trials not cause despair.

Keep the cord from fraying,
Keep our feet from straying,
Keep our wills from swaying,
Be our certain strength and guide.

The flesh is weak and weary,
Our eyes are tired and teary,
The path is dry and dreary,
Let your power in us prevail.


O God, help me to victory over myself

O God, help me to victory over myself, my passions, my pride, my will. The hardest battle is in my heart. Let the Spirit slay all opposition to your goodness and holiness. Amen.


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