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Focus my energies

Lord God and Father of my soul,

  • Save me from the wiles of the evil one, especially when mind and body are sluggish.
  • Open my eyes to opportunity, my heart to love, my mind to understanding of your will.
  • Help my tongue to speak words of grace, patiently, lovingly, seasoned with salt.
  • Focus my energies on positive, redeeming activities that promote your kingdom.
  • Raise up new evangelists and teachers who will help others understand your will and motivate them to holiness and whole-hearted devotion.

Be glorified in me, O God.

Four supplications based on John the Baptist’s death

God of truth, keep us from making oaths and promises, so that we will not have to choose later between breaking them or doing wrong by keeping them. Continue reading

A prayer of gratitude and for wisdom: For the very gift of life


O LORD God, our dear Father in heaven, we give thanks on this new day for the very gift of life that ignites our otherwise lifeless mortal bodies. Continue reading

Glad to show mercy

cheerful-mercyHeavenly Father, you are patient, that we might repent and find salvation. Let us not tire in our service to you. Let us be glad to show mercy. Let our truth be laced with love. Let us be always willing to bear with others.

The Lord Jesus did not waver in his purpose. Give us the same steady sight in doing your will. Continue reading

Let us jettison what divides

Our heavenly Father,

Let us jettison what divides, embrace what unites, rejoice in the Cross which reconciles.

Let us hear what others say, test all things, prove the spirits, seek after truth.

Let us value silence, know the power of words, use the influence of a good example in the imitation of Christ. Continue reading

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