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Giving up on prayer?

John Gipson writes, “Isn’t Jesus to be trusted? If we cannot rely on His words, when it comes to prayer, can we trust Him in anything else?”

Read his article here.

Justin Imel on prayer

Justin shares a good deal on his blog about prayer, especially, for and by the disabled. His posts on the subject are worthy of careful reflection. Check out his prayer category here.

Make the Word meet needs

O God, make your Word meet the needs of the heart as we read it in our groups and classes, as we hear it in sermons and readings, so that we are humbled before you and submit to your will revealed in Scripture. Continue reading

Let me listen

Lord, let me listen with all my faculties to your word, that I might practice it fully.

Let me also listen with focused attention to those around me.

By listening to both, help me to bring those I hear to listen to you. Amen.

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