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Make that victory effective today

I thank you Lord with my whole heart, both in my private time and in the assembly of the godly, for revealing to us your great deeds of deliverance.

We remember your salvation and our forgiveness of sin in Christ. We remember your covenant and renew our pledge to follow the Lord in all things. Continue reading

That desire is decision

Heavenly Father, my prayer today is simple.

I desire to be with you, now and forever.

That desire is decision.

I will do whatever is necessary to enjoy your presence. Continue reading


Thank you, God for being the benevolent Giver of all good things, from whom is all generous giving and every perfect gift.

Thank you for blessing me profusely and entrusting me with great responsibility. Continue reading

Perfect for the redeemed in all their weakness

Your church, O God, is perfect for redeemed people in all their weakness. Your wisdom is manifest through the creation of this family, its leadership by the Lord Jesus Christ, its power by the Holy Spirit, its guidance by the inspired Scripture, its mission continuing the salvation of souls, its edification tailored to our needs for growth, repentance, sanctification, and fellowship. Continue reading

For These We Offer Thanks

For guiding shepherds, giving servants,
For little ones who love their neighbors,
For faithful saints who give no offense —
For these we offer thanks. Continue reading

For good habits

Thank you, O God, for good habits that help us to carry through when the head isn’t with it. Continue reading

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Meaning through knowledge of the way

Father of love and mercy, your name is holy as none other, your person far above the sinful human race, your glory seen in all creation and in your gracious intentions toward us.

We thank you for calling us to the gospel and to participation in your purpose to reconcile the estranged. Continue reading

Make me fit to meet the day

Make me fit to meet the day,
To serve in mind and soul and body;
From early light to latest night,
To glory in God, and gladdening Spirit. Continue reading

Another day, another dawn

Another day, another dawn
Of opportunity, old things
Have passed away; the passion of Christ
Enlivens the heart and lifts the spirit.

Praise belongs to the Prince of Peace,
Both honor and glory are yours, O God;
From sin you saved my wandering soul,
Salvation is mine, and victory’s assured.

Though freedoms are lost, and friends abandon,
With me remain the words of the Master,
With hope and peace as highest possessions,
The comfort of God my constant good.

The grandest project of all time

Thank you, sovereign God, for making me a part of your plan, for putting your word in my mouth, for allowing me to participate in the grandest project of all time, the rescue and transformation of souls.

To think that through your plan of salvation we touch eternity and extend the reach of your reign into more and more lives is nothing short of amazing.

Help us to be worthy of your calling, dependent on your strength, faithful to your truth, deposited in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

A million voices speaking a million tongues over a million years

May many praise GodA million voices speaking a million tongues over a million years could not exhaust the praise due your name, O God.

Yet you are pleased with my simple words, for which I give you thanks. Your pleasure in your little ones like me, Father of heavenly lights, deepens my fear before your face.

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