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The Years of Toil and Tears

Wind, rain, and sun upon the earth
Wear away its surface, leach the soil,
But in return they bring a blessing of life.
The years of toil and tears, the constant trials
Break down the body, bow the heavy shoulders,
But strengthen a spirit whose daily might is God.
O Lord, in you may we discover the power of love.

Another Unsoiled Day

Why let me waken from my nightly sleep?
O Lord, why give me another unsoiled day,
Like bread fresh from the oven, ready for butter,
If not to serve and love and glorify your Name?

Time as Friend

Lord, let us see our time on earth as our friend,
With every thought and action geared to the end,
To learn, prepare, and grow in full desire,
For your most glorious presence in pure attire.

Lord, let us know that life is made of hours,
And moments, being present, with mental powers
In focus on our eternal purpose — earth
And heaven anew, with saints of spiritual birth.

Lord, let us find in Christ the only way
To you and all your hosts — for this we pray
And work and wait, as age and wisdom grow —
In hope, we think this passing time is slow.

All Threads to Weave

The end has come, and all is finished,
A year complete, of yearnings and strivings,
The lights above aligned in journey,
And moving in their maddened course,
Decree that time must crest and wane. Continue reading

Prayer: For a year of life


For a year of life, on this last day
Of Two-Thirteen, we give you thanks,
For Sol’s bright light, for evening’s gray,
To be alive with blessed saints. Continue reading

We have left another month in the year

calendar-dec-2013Eternal God over and beyond time, we have left another month in the year, if you do not send the Lord Jesus before then, and if you choose to give us life until then. May we snap up the opportunities you give us in these last days. Continue reading

Life seems to pass too fast, eternal God

Life seems to pass too fast, eternal God.
Is this your doing, also? Did you design
The rush of events and the speed of days
To create in me the desire for you, the Timeless?

Time is in your hand

Eternal God, time is in your hand, the minutes, hours, and days are yours, you above and beyond them. When your Son and our Lord Jesus Christ abides in us, every moment counts, and time is redeemed for eternity. May the work of our hands praise you. May our lips exalt your name. May our steps through the sinuous paths of this world at every moment leave the footprints of the Man of Galilee. Amen.


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