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What Soon May Be

To live with Christ is glory to the fullest,
To die with him is honor; to serve, a blessing.
No greater cause than sharing news of pardon,
That others reach salvation found in Jesus.

Violence done to Christ is our means of peace,
What paradox: his blood our means of cleansing!
Sins removed in water by the Spirit!
In faith the obedient born anew, from heaven.

O God of wisdom, Lord of fullest powers,
Keep your servant’s tongue from small complaints,
Show me surrounding good and close potential —
What soon may be, the kingdom come, by faith.

We see the world through screens, Lord

We see the world through screens, be it a television, a computer monitor, or a porch screen door. And other screens, too, Lord, you see in our hearts, of color of skin, of prejudices toward men, of warped truths and lies that wear makeup and evening dresses. Help me to see as you see, to look at each person as a precious soul, to perceive the depravity that rules this world, the corruption that lies beneath the surface of every thought and activity on earth. Make me pure and whole, like Jesus, and make me an agent for human rescue from this world and santification to prepare for your presence.