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The one request I know you’ll answer

Lord, so much I have to ask of you! So much I want to see happen in my life and in the lives of others! So many needs that I think I have!

There is one request, out of them all, that I know you will answer positively. I confess to not knowing what will be best for me and mine. I cannot foresee the effects of what I ask. So I pray, Your will be done.

I pray this because I know that you will do what is best for us all. You seek to bless. You want to draw us near to you. So whatever I am asking, I pray that you will do everything according to your will.

And in your will I rest and find peace.

Sure of Your Good Will

Regardless, Lord, of this world’s worst,
In spite of evil and harm and ill,
Let us be sure of your good will,
And always put your kingdom first.

Let none spurn faith, let none ask why
You cause the innocent early to die;
Instead, may we all marvel how,
In patience, you let us live until now.

The Prayer of Psalm 143.10

Teach me to do what pleases you,
For you are my God, in whom I stand;
Let your good Spirit work anew
To lead me into a level land.

We Want to Eat His Bread

The sinner’s response is fight or flight
From your great glory and holy light,
So teach us how to humbly submit,
To seek your face, and never quit
Our service to Christ. We want to eat
His bread and make your will our meat.
What you in all of Scripture wrote
We want to know, to love devote
Ourselves, as Jesus did. Create
In us desire for heaven’s Gate.

The Heavenly Truths that Never Fail

O God, let heart with mind agree,
As thoughts saturate the soul —
The heavenly truths that never fail —
To rein the feelings, set them free
Of earthly passions, and quickly fill
With victory.

Extinguish every burst of desire
For selfish ways, tamp down the flesh,
And every spiritual impulse refresh —
Impose, within, the deeper fire
Of God, and burn all guilt to ash
Upon the pyre. Continue reading

From hills and heights make darkness flee

What you desire, O God, we want as well:
Your glory and world salvation in gospel truth,
A holy family, of every land and tribe,
A Kingdom big enough for any and all. Continue reading

When everything seems up in the air

Your will, heavenly Father, is good and holy and pleasant and brings great blessing to all who submit to it. What a joy to know and do your bidding!

Forgive my shortcomings, cleanse me from my failures, let my sins be washed by the blood of your Son and our Savior Jesus Christ.

Perfect me by your grace, make my obedience complete in Christ, strengthen every good resolve and make me able for every good work by your Spirit. Continue reading

Fade all desire

Fade all desire for pleasure of sin —
Oh! Wash me clean, the heart within,
Dear God, come near, for I repent
Of shameful deeds, with deep lament. Continue reading

The greatest why of all

The great question we ask, O gracious Lord, is why. And the greatest why of all: our creation. Why did the self-sufficient God make us in your own image? Why go to the bother? What do you get out of this deal? You didn’t need us. For some reason, you desired us. By our creation you showed us that love seeks expression. Continue reading

O, Open Door

O, Open Door, let fears from me fall,
May I rejoice to see this chance;
No inner or outer voices call
To keep me from your vast expanse. Continue reading

If man think ill

Teach me your ways, O Lord, that I
Might walk a holy man, and please
In every step, to satisfy
Your will, offering the kingdom’s keys
That  men to self might die;
I seek Your face — if man think ill,
So be it — Your Spirit on me spill.


Your light is life

Lord God, your light is life, your word is pure
To cleanse and make me whole, your will’s allure
Gives meaning to every day and every plan.
For you do all in Christ to rescue man.


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