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O, Open Door

O, Open Door, let fears from me fall,
May I rejoice to see this chance;
No inner or outer voices call
To keep me from your vast expanse. Continue reading

If man think ill

Teach me your ways, O Lord, that I
Might walk a holy man, and please
In every step, to satisfy
Your will, offering the kingdom’s keys
That  men to self might die;
I seek Your face — if man think ill,
So be it — Your Spirit on me spill.


Your light is life

Lord God, your light is life, your word is pure
To cleanse and make me whole, your will’s allure
Gives meaning to every day and every plan.
For you do all in Christ to rescue man.

Let someone decide

Let someone decide to do your will today,
Let someone take his first steps in the Way,
Repentant sinners ready to submit
To Christ as Lord and for heaven to be made fit.


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