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Trees without wind

As trees are still without wind, we, O Father, cannot move without your Spirit. Enliven us today to live and move and speak because you are present in us, around us, and through us.

We seek you and desire you. We know that you are the reason for our existence. Live among us and within us, in truth and love. Forgive us, O Lord, that we might be your holy people.

Many distant sounds, such as the hum of an airplane high above us, barely register in our hearing. But your Word is near to us. We want to hear it clearly. We worship you and your revelation of yourself and of your plan for us. Praise for your Son in whom is seen your glory and grace!


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Your Touch of Love

The world is busy working, ignoring
Your call to be saved, in Christ, your grace,
Your tender mercy, your touch of love.

O God, and in me, too, I hear
The stirring of resurgent flesh —
Come douse its flame, let die desire!

Rouse in me the resurrection,
O Father, alight eternal life!
To me, O Spirit, softly speak!

Let me forget self

Blessed Savior, let me die to self and to the world that you may be glorified through the fruit born in my life. Let me forget self in order to find life in you.

  • Keep the USA secure today and in the days following the election.
  • Help our people to see how the denominations offer nothing of spiritual benefit, how only the family of faith can transmit your presence and power.
  • Keep the door of opportunity open so that your people may use the internet and other technologies to teach the gospel.
  • Strengthen every good effort for the truth, so that people may understand clearly your eternal plan and the path to enter the kingdom.
  • Make us more generous every day as we understand that all we have comes from you and makes us responsible as stewards for the use of what you have given us.
  • Thank you for so many good resources to understand the Word better. Let us be devoted to knowing your will.

As Holy Branches

God, let your Word not condemn us,
We hear and do, we love and know,
Believe, obey, in grace we grow;
As holy branches, let it trim us.

We know the Bible comes from you

Lord God, the Bible is a marvelous book, full of power, wisdom, and mind-changing truths. We know it comes from you, perfect as it is, tailored to our need, complete in every way, and evidencing the unified thread of your redemptive purpose. Continue reading

From Water of Glory to a Desert Fast

From water of glory to a desert fast,
The Lord was taken to test his strength;
With a word of Scripture from first to last,
He kept temptation at arm’s full length.

And I, oh Lord, when the soul is dry,
When the eye of faith is weak and pale,
Put in my mouth, from the temple high,
Your word of truth, that I may not fail.

Prayer: Our Lord is light, eternal life


Our Lord is light, eternal life,
To you we lift our eyes in longing
To live. Give wisdom by your word,
We bid you abide in us, to bear
Our load of sin, our weight of self. Continue reading

Your word forever living

Your word forever living in my mind,
The Spirit shapes my heart, now Christ-defined,
Make me like him in word and work and will,
And every plan of faith for good fulfill.

A word from God

A word from God to quench my thirst,
A mighty working to transform;
To Scripture always I turn first,
For calm and courage in the storm.

Your law’s my constant friend and guide,
My heart delights to hear and obey;
What joy, your statutes at my side!
At your command, there’s no delay.

This holy Book by God inspired,
Conducts us all before his throne;
What all our lives we e’er desired:
To know Him fully and be known.


As we read Scripture

O God, you have promised that your word will not return to you void. As we read Scripture tonight, may your Spirit give it its full effect, by convincing us of sin, opening the heart to Christ, and making the scales of ignorance fall away. For we would know you as you are. Amen.

Let me store up your word in my heart

O God who speaks, keep me aware of your word as being central to my faith and service. Let me store it up in my heart, that I might obey you and keep sin away. Let it transform me as I ponder its meaning and apply it to my daily walk with you.

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