The temple whose glory outshines the gold of Solomon

Heavenly Father, let my whys be the path to seek communion with you. May the dust of suffering carry the spirit into your presence. And may the many good gifts from the Lord of lights point me to the eternal Giver.

Let us hear the heavens proclaim your justice. We see the signs around us in this world of your power and majesty. The burning sun spreads your holiness. The rain reminds us that you wash our sins in Jesus’ blood. The turning seasons renew your lovingkindness.

Nations are in tumult, kingdoms overturned. Human progress is but a cover for evil. Man strives for power, his thoughts are vain, his end is sure, his destruction draws near, the signs are everywhere about us.

Above the surface of our conflicts you reign. We divert your purpose not at all.  On the contrary, every contingency bears your mark. Though evil comes not from you, it serves your plan, you make it your tool. You, O God, are sovereign, and nothing escapes your control.

Here we live and work and move, often thinking our circle of influence small, our range of impact negligible. How tiny we think our blip on your radar! And how wrong our conclusion!

Align us to your silent working. Shape us in the form of your Son by the power of your Spirit. Within our spaces of home and work and church, transform our hearts and move our hands to touch a thousand souls.

We believe, O Lord, for you is nothing impossible. All things can be. By angel’s breath and by your finger, the world is set aflame by a word, an everlasting salvation is spread to snatch the perishing, one by one, from the fires of hell. The church of ages grows, the number of the remnant swells, the living stones are set in the ever-rising temple whose glory outshines the gold of Solomon.

All praise is yours, we join those ancient songs and make them ours, for their story is also ours, all hymns run back to the Cross, and there we fall, the unnumbered throng, in fear and love, in awe of Calvary, from whence your mercy flows in abundant streams.

This day our vision fills, by the inspired Bible, with the sight of your glory.

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