All Threads to Weave

The end has come, and all is finished,
A year complete, of yearnings and strivings,
The lights above aligned in journey,
And moving in their maddened course,
Decree that time must crest and wane.

Behind this peak lie hills and vales,
The paths we took, the pace we set,
The winding trail in wind and sun,
In driving rain, in dread and hope,
The recent past in rich detail.

Before us, a fog of misty future,
Replete with dreams, the plates that shift
To form a world still finding its shape,
Sightings of faces in silvery clouds,
Where faith fixes and hope defies

Reality, in orbital leaps.
Horizons rise and fall in rhythms
Of heaven’s stars, of hazy moons,
Midst shouts of war, and shame of wrongs,
But still man rushes, still he runs.

To plans! To plans! The clamor is plain,
But long I’ve made a labor of love:
All thoughts of mind, all threads to weave,
All goals in one are gathered together:
To nearer walk with Thee, O God.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.