True to your kingdom

Let your Kingdom, Lord, assume in my mind and heart its rightful proportions. May your rule over all be theme of my tongue and reality in my life.

You, O God, are the sovereign whose word creates and destroys, whose hand raises up the righteous and throws down the evil, whose eye watches over the saints for blessing and protection.

None there are who can challenge your rule and survive. Man making himself god is laughable. Putting creatures in the places of the Creator is a travesty. Let heaven and earth confess that you alone are God!

Let these truths not be mere words mouthed by those who invent their own religion and follow their own ways. Let us be true to your kingdom. Let us be obedient to your will. Keep our eyes fixed upon your hand for the slightest indication of your desires.

Rule, O Lord, in us and over us!

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.