Believing Prayer

Make me true

Make me true, O God, inside and out,
With a single eye, and undiluted light,
An undivided heart, where grows no doubt,
A joyful walk by faith, and not by sight.

Bring me low, O God, that I might know
The humble mind of Christ, with steady hand
To serve the undeserving, freely bestow
A blessing, write my many works in sand.

Sweep me up, O God, higher, to find
Where I have laid my treasured goods, my soul,
My hope, my time, my all — from heaven bind
Them all as one in Christ to make me whole.

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  1. Thank you Randy. This is everything I am working on being better at. Blessings to you and your family for what you do.

    • James Randal Matheny

      2015-02-27 — 11:53

      Hi, Shelia, aren’t we all!? So glad you chimed in on this one. Big hugs to all there.

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