In truth lie our hope and strength

Strengthen us, O Lord, to resist Satan and to subdue sin in our lives. Help us to do what is right. Keep our eyes fixed on the Lord Jesus Christ, who did not sin and who always pleased you by doing your will.

Keep us from being naive. Let us not underestimate the power of Satan to deceive. Remind us, however, of the greater power of your Spirit, the marvelous Force of your Word, the live, ongoing transformation that Jesus works in us.

Focus our attention on what is true, for in truth lie our hope and strength. Make us see that the truth is our friend and that your wisdom launches us into right living and into the fulfillment of your holiness.

Teach us by both good and bad examples of the past. Let us learn from the mistakes of those who went before us and from the success of the saints who walked with you.

Show us how to make our mistakes into opportunities of growth, rather than smoldering fires of resentment and anger. Allow us time for repentance, O God, for you are gracious and patient, and we need your guiding hand.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.