The Heavenly Truths that Never Fail

O God, let heart with mind agree,
As thoughts saturate the soul —
The heavenly truths that never fail —
To rein the feelings, set them free
Of earthly passions, and quickly fill
With victory.

Extinguish every burst of desire
For selfish ways, tamp down the flesh,
And every spiritual impulse refresh —
Impose, within, the deeper fire
Of God, and burn all guilt to ash
Upon the pyre.

Your will, not ours, your blessed will
Be done, in heaven, by men on earth:
That everyone experience birth
Anew, of water and spirit, thrill
To know the Lord, the ultimate worth
Of Calvary’s Hill.

How precious, Lord, your perfect plan,
Conceived before creation’s Word,
Before the order of light was heard,
Fulfilled in time, in favored span,
That we might see and soon record
Your love for man.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.