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Waiting is hard

Father, waiting is hard, for we cannot see ahead.
We wonder if you’ve forgotten us.
Like Sarah, we think you might need an extra hand.
We think we must have it now.
What confusion between wants and needs!
Remind us that you do not fail.
That you often save and help at the last minute.
That you use this interval for our good.
You teach us dependence upon your grace.
Father, help me wait patiently, quietly.
I watch today for your generous hand.
And I will watch tomorrow and the next day, if need be.
As long as you see fit.

This prayer was inspired by a devotional mentioned here.

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  1. Amen! Good practical poem, Randal. Yes, there is great confusion in our society between wants and needs. The needs are listed in Matthew 6. It’s all about setting priorities (Matt. 6:33) and the ability to deny self (Matt. 16:24):

  2. Great poem. Came to me at a time when I needed to hear it!

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