We Turned to You

For you were going astray like sheep but now you have turned back to the shepherd and guardian of your souls. 1 Peter 2.25.

Father and Guardian of our souls,

We turned to you and truly converted
From failed adventures, to follow Christ.
Give us sight for the surest path,
Enliven our feet to walk in faith
By the power of your Holy Spirit.

As wandering sheep far from shelter,
In cold and wind and wild confusion,
We know not where our notions lead us.
Throw light upon us, lead us safely
To tender pastures by eternal waters.

At every turn, on every rise,
Call out to us to keep our focus
Upon your leading, upon our Lord,
When storms or inner stirrings distract us.
Your chastening rod to truth return us.

By Jesus Christ, our Guide, Amen.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.