Make my words an invitation to discovery

Help me to see, O Lord, in the face of each person I meet today, a soul crying out for you, a heart in desperate need of eternity, a seeker who, even though he knows not what he seeks, has yet to find what truly satisfies.

Lead me to engage others in conversation, as did Jesus, steered toward you, weighted with gratitude and joy, laced with the salt of the gospel.

Make my words an invitation to discover your gloriousĀ Self, a call to action toward righteousness, a rousing of the soul for the heavenly vision.

In man and woman and child let me see a way to reach them with the blessed and liberating truth, a means to touch with the law of redemption, a chance, however fleeting, to open a door of salvation and a incomparable life with Father, Son, Spirit, and holy temple of God.

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Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.