To the world a light

A prayer based loosely on Isaiah 49

To the world a light, a burning hope,
A voice of restoration;
A hand to save from the slippery slope,
The Savior’s full salvation.

Before my birth, while still unmade,
You called me to your labor;
The wanting world was tried and weighed,
No love for needy neighbor.

By sin was man fast chained and bound,
In darkness, sure perdition;
To make the weak and weary sound,
To save the lost our mission.

No more will exiles hunger or thirst,
God calls us to his table,
Where small are great and the last are first,
And weak are now made able.

Your words, O God, are sharp and wise,
For cutting and for healing,
We wield your sword to open eyes,
Yourself in power revealing.

Your hand to hide us in the heat,
Your fast and ready arrow;
For faith we ask sustaining meat,
To feed the smallest sparrow.

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.