The World Is Rightly Ordered

The world is rightly ordered, the heavens and earth
Are not a random system. Man, from birth
To death, is gladly given sequential seasons.
We know (but often ignore) your sovereign reasons.

We thank you, God, for structured existence,
For measured time and space and distance,
For worship in Spirit and truth, for piety
That shutters doubt, for faith with certainty.

So much we do not know! Above our heads,
The stars give light, and we upon our beds
Consider your secret ways and providence.
But still by revelation your will makes sense.

The Son of Man has walked our tiresome road,
Upon the cross he carried our heavy load.
He spoke your words, with joy we understood
That you forgive, and all your works are good.

Praise is yours, to you all power belongs!
In time, you’ll act with justice, right all wrongs.
The universe was hung by grace, we know.
What’s done in heaven, we gladly hear below.

JRMatheny © 2016

Say amen. Ask for prayers. Give thanks.