What others worship, Father, we reject. The gods of this world lodge themselves in the hearts of men. People create idols in order to follow their own desires.

No greater evil exists than to remove you as the only true and living God and put in your place a created being or a human desire.

Protect us from falling into idolatry. Remove from us all tendencies to raise up our own gods. Make us see how human gods feed our selfishness.

Men seek money as their ultimate good; we know all material things will perish. You are eternal.

Pleasure is the search of many; we know that each one leaves us desiring more, instead of satisfying. Only you satisfy completely.

Power addicts some, but the great fall mightily; you are sovereign and almighty.

We seek you, O Lord, and desire your presence. We serve you and you alone. We worship your name, for only you save forever.


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